Quality Over Cost: Investing in New Cushions

The price tag for custom cushions can be pretty high, and you may be wondering if its worth it. Are foam and fabric really worth all that much? However, when it comes to cushions, quality is key to a long-lasting and comfortable product, and that quality can be costly. Today, we’ll walk through why custom cushions are a good investment for your patio.

Quality Cushions, Quality Materials

When you buy a custom cushion, you can be sure you are getting high quality materials. Retail store cushions often have low grade fabrics and weak foam that goes flat after a season or two. While affordable, this is not the best for comfort.

Custom cushions offer a broad selection of high quality Sunbrella fabrics, and use high-density foam. Though it comes with a high price tag, Sunbrella fabric is extremely durable and long-lasting. Beyond that, buying custom means you’re sure to get the exact colour you want.

Additionally, high density foam is more comfortable than its low-density counterpart. It compresses less, which means there is more material between you and the seat than there is in low-density foam of the same thickness. High density foam costs more because it is made with more material, but this also means that it is a better sitting experience.

Chaise in Cabana Classic, 5in, made in 2021, picture from 2023

Chaise in Cabana Classic – Made 2021, image from 2023

Long-Lasting Comfort

Quality ingredients aren’t worth much if they don’t last for a long time! Luckily we use materials that aren’t just high quality feeling, but also have high quality durability.

Sunbrella fabrics come with a five year warranty from the manufacturer again fading, abrasion, and mildew damage. This means that you can sit securely, knowing that your cushions will look new and fresh for many years.

Additionally, the high-density foam used in our custom cushions will hold its shape for up to ten years with regular use and appropriate care. This foam is more expensive than that used in retail cushions, but it will not need to be replaced for a long time.

Skilled Work

Anyone can sew but that doesn’t mean anyone can make quality cushions. Our sewing team has years of experience with a variety of materials and patterns, making them perfectly suited to tackling custom cushion projects.

Since our team is so experienced, they are compensated competitively for their work, which is done in our warehouse in Southern Ontario. Less experienced sewing machine operators, or automated machines, would be less expensive, but they would also produce lower quality products.

We stand by our work too! If there is an issue with the construction of your cushion, we will repair or replace it for you.

Quality Cushions are Worth the Cost

It’s our goal to never make the same cushions twice for a customer – we’d rather make them right the first time and have repeat business for other projects. While custom cushions are a large investment up front, spending the money on quality products means less to worry about later on.

In the long term, it is less expensive to buy quality cushions once than cheap cushions multiple times. As grannies all over have known forever, “buy cheap, buy twice.”