Shipping, Returns & Cancellations


For any order cancellation, a fee of 10% applies. For cancellations made after 24 hours, a 15% fee applies. For cancellations made after the order has already been made, or materials have already been used to make the order, a 25% fee applies.

Changes to Placed Orders

Orders can be modified within 24 hours of placement. After 24 hours, we can not guarantee that modification will be able to be accommodated. Fees may apply depending on the alteration.

Returns, Replacements, and Repairs

Northern Patio shall accept no returns of custom items.

Northern Patio shall repair or replace any cushion casing that, within the first two (2) years of use, fails due to manufacturer error. ‘Manufacturer error’ here refers to those issues that arise from sewing. These repairs and replacements will be at no cost. Shipping may be charged at the discretion of Northern Patio.

Northern Patio shall repair or replace at no cost any error or omission from the completed order that was noted in the invoice that is brought to the attention of Northern Patio within three (3) months of receipt of the order.

Northern Patio shall send replacement comfort fill materials at no cost to the customer within two (2) years to any customer who requires it. Shipping may be charged at the discretion of Northern Patio.

Northern Patio shall not replace or repair those items which have been stained, have ripped in an area that is not the seam, or have been damaged by misuse or negligence after delivery of the items.

Northern Patio shall not repair or replace at no cost items ordered incorrectly due to customer error or negligence. Northern Patio shall not repair or replace for no cost items that were made according to the invoice. Northern Patio shall not repair or replace at no cost items that fall within a half inch of the desired dimensions. Northern Patio shall not repair or replace at no cost items that experience warping when the customer was informed prior to ordering that such an outcome was likely due to the type or dimensions of the item ordered. Northern Patio shall, in the above cases, make reasonable efforts to work with the customer to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the customer.

Making Returns or Repairs

In order to process your warranty claim, please follow these procedures so that we may expedite our service to you:

  1. Notify Northern Patio of the concern with your product(s) as soon as possible
  2. Send photos of the concern, along with any supporting documentation
  3. If the product is to be sent to Northern Patio, the customer is responsible for packaging the item. Any damage the item incurs due to improper packaging at this stage is not the responsibility of Northern Patio.

Shipping Time

Orders will ship within the given lead time, which varies based on season. In the rare instance that the lead time will not be met, the customer will be notified.


An e-mail with tracking information will be sent once an order has been shipped.

Incorrect Shipping Information

Please verify shipping address(es) before placing your order(s). If incorrect shipping information is submitted, you will be responsible for any fees associated with redirecting your deliveries and/or lost merchandise.

Shipping Multiple Orders

Multiple orders placed on the same day cannot be combined.

Shipping to Multiple Locations

We are unable to split up orders and ship to multiple locations. If you wish to send items to different locations, you will need to place a separate order for each shipping address.

Shipping to P.O. Boxes

We are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes.Please provide an address when placing your order to guarantee proper shipment.

Address Changes

Once the shipping notification has been sent to the customer, the customer has until the end of that business day to change the address. A small charge may apply.

Custom Fees

We are unable to mark orders as “gifts.”All orders are sent with a copy of the paid invoice attached.

Damage in Shipping

Please check your order immediately upon receipt and notify us if the item has been damaged. Please report the damage within 48 hours to us. We will need photos of the damaged item, as well as photos of the box the damaged item was shipped in. We must have images in order to notify the shipping company and file the necessary damage claims. After a claim is presented to the shipping company, we will arrange to have damaged items and their packaging inspected, returned, and replaced.

Due to packaging constraints and/or handling during shipping, your cushions or fabric may be wrinkled or pressed down upon. Do not worry, as your cushions will expand and stretch the fabric and foam back to normal. Please give your item a short period of time to adjust for this.