Covers Only

If you need new casings for your foam, consider our custom-made cushion casings! We offer a wide selection of Sunbrella fabric to choose from to construct a casing that fits over your existing fill.

To measure for casings, remove the casing from the fill and lay it flat. Take all measurements from seam to seam. If your existing casing has piping, measure from inside the piping.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a perfect fit for the cushion casings since manufacturers often cut their foam larger than the cushion casing itself to ensure a tight fit. Taking your measurements from the foam may result in casings that are loose fitting.

Your casings may have stretched over the years. If you think your current casings are too loose, measure the seating area of your frame and go with the smaller number.

Please be aware that properly fitted casings can be challenging to re-stuff. It may take some work and manipulation to get the foam to fit correctly into the casing. This does not mean that your casings are too small, but rather that they are sized correctly for your foam.

Each of the Products below are available as “Covers Only”; to order as Covers Only, click the Product below, then scroll down, set “Purchase as Covers Only” to Yes and then continue with building your custom cover.