Pallet Furniture Cushions: The Ultimate Guide

Building custom furniture for your backyard or patio out of old pallets is an amazing way to save money and give yourself a unique piece of furniture. However, when it comes time to sit, pallet boards can be uncomfortable, making your beautiful furniture an exhibit instead of a functional item. To ensure that you and your family get full use out of your hard work, consider custom cushions for your pallet furniture. This guide will walk you through how to buy the cushions you need.

Measure Pallet Furniture Seating Area

Since the cushions will need to fit on your unique furniture, it’s vital that you have the dimensions of the seating area. Follow a measuring guide from a cushion manufacturer to ensure that you have everything you need to order cushions.

Pick a Fabric

There is no cushion without fabric! Choosing a fabric gives you a huge creative opportunity and can really bring your furniture to life. However, looking at fabrics on a screen can be misleading. For that reason, request fabric samples from the manufacturer to help you decide. Touching the fabrics and holding them against your furniture can be instrumental in helping you make your decision. The type of fabric is also very important. For outdoor or indoor furniture, a fabric that is easy to clean will reduce headaches and let you enjoy your pallet furniture with peace of mind.

Pick a Fill

Seats can be filled with different foams, and backs can be filled with comfort fill or foam. Decide if you want a firm cushion or a plush one for your seat, and the type of look you want for your backs. Comfort-fill backs are the default and provide a pillow appearance, while foam backs give a boxy, structured look. See examples of completed cushions to decide the look you want.

Choose Peripherals

You may want to add welting to your cushions for extra structural support, or for aesthetic. Now is also the time to consider if you want your cushion to have ties, and where those ties would be located.

Order Your Pallet Furniture Cushions

When you know the size, materials, and peripherals of your cushion, it’s time to order. A sales representative can answer any questions you might have prior to ordering, and can help you to feel confident in your measurements by providing guides or suggestions.Once you are ready to place your order, you can order online or through a sales representative.

In conclusion, ordering cushions for your custom pallet furniture is a straightforward process that is sure to add a finishing touch to your work. Make your craftsmanship a centrepiece, and get your custom cushions (link) today.