Pet Friendly Cushions: Is It Possible?

It can be tricky to have nice things when you have pets. They shed, chew, scratch and step all over everything. Luckily, you can get custom patio cushions that are durable and easy to clean. This post will show you why custom cushions are right for your pet-friendly home.

Enjoying the sun on some new Northern Patio cushions


Dog claws can be rough, scratching floors, snagging threads, and even something catching on you! Of course, they can’t help it, but it can be frustrating. What’s the point of good cushions if your pet will only scratch them up? Sunbrella fabric is guaranteed against abrasion for five years, meaning yous pup can cuddle up with you, worry-free, on your new cushions.

Pet Friendly, Mess Friendly

Most dogs and cats shed constantly. Any pet owner knows the difficulty of trying to find something to wear that doesn’t have fur embedded in it, or trying to clean off the couch after your furry friend takes a nap. Because of the way Sunbrella is made and the material it is made from, It’s tough for fur to get embedded in the weave, meaning that a wipe with a damp cloth or a pass over with some packing tape is enough to clear off the fur. Another bonus is that, if your pup got a bit adventurous in the garden, dirt and mud clean up just as easily.

Seats in Canvas Sapphire Blue, 2in

Customers dog enjoys new seats in Canvas Sapphire Blue, 2in

Long-Lasting Comfort

Nothing is as good at staying in one place as a sleeping cat or dog. As creatures of habit, they often pick a favourite spot and hunker down every day, pressing their sleeping area flat. If your pet has decided your cushions are the best nap spot, you don’t need to worry! Our foam is high-density, and holds its shape for years. Any stretching done by the fabric can be corrected by the sun or by flipping the cushion over for a bit to give it time to correct. Custom patio cushions will be a great place for cat naps for many summers to come.

This customers dog really likes the new back cushion

In conclusion, custom patio cushions will hold up well against the wear and tear of pet ownership. You don’t need to worry about them shortening the lifespan of your cushions, and they will enhance the comfort and happiness of both you and your pets. Check out our custom cushions today!