Grey Fabrics: a Look at Popular Choices

As anyone who has considered ordering custom cushions knows, the hardest part of the process is choosing the fabric. The choice can feel overwhelming thanks to all the options available. Luckily, we at Northern Patio are able to help!

Throughout the years, one colour remains popular: grey. However, there are so many greys to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start! In this article, we will cover the most popular grey fabrics in various cost categories.

Low Price Tag Grey Fabrics

While all Sunbrella fabrics are equally well constructed and durable, some are more affordable than others. This is due to how simple these fabrics are to weave, as well as the limited colours of yarn used.

Canvas Granite

The most popular grey in this cost category is Canvas Granite. Canvas Granite is a plain weave with a light heather effect. It’s a very neutral grey that goes well with all colours. This grey is popular year after year and is a staple for many cushions offered by patio furniture manufacturers. If you’re looking for an agreeable, timeless fabric, Canvas Granite is perfect.

Cast Silver

Cast Silver is another very popular grey colour. Light and slightly orange toned, this fabric goes excellently with many colours and other neutrals. Year after year, Cast Silver continues to be a crowd favourite. With an affordable price tag and excellent Sunbrella quality, it’s a great addition to any patio set.

Cast Slate

The last, but not least, of the fabrics in this category is Cast Slate. Dark and deep, Cast Slate works excellently with all colours of furniture. At the same price point as Cast Silver, Cast Slate offers a darker alternative. For those looking for saturated neutral greys, Cast Slate is a great choice.

High Price Tag Grey Fabrics

The price point increases for more complicated weaves. These fabrics tend to have more texture and incorporate different types of yarns. While these fabrics are more expensive, they are sure to give you a custom feel that you can’t find with cushions from a store.

Hybrid Smoke

Made with a basket weave, Hybrid Smoke has an tactile texture and a classic look. This fabric features several greys, created a marbled effect beneath the regular rows of off-white stitches. Hybrid Smoke is great for bringing out the grey tones in a room while still staying on the lighter side.

Action Stone

Another basket weave fabric, Action Stone is smoother in texture and slightly more irregular in pattern. The variation in greys is subtle, but noticeable from a distance, adding depth and weight to the fabric. A slight brown undertone from a few sparsely shown strands warms up what could be a cold fabric. Action Stone would look excellent against wood furniture, or with warm accent pieces.

Feeling Grey-t

Grey fabrics have a lot of versatility and can fit in any space. They can serve as a neutral base for a pop of colour, or can draw together the undertones of a room. If you like any of the fabrics on this list, consider ordering a sample from us. Nothing here caught your eye? No worries! Our sales team is happy to make inquiries about any Sunbrella fabric on your behalf.