Colour of the Year: a Fabric Guide

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024 is out! Here are some fabrics by Sunbrella that fit the vibe.

Apricot Crush: Colour of the 2024

The Colour of the Year: #F87C56 – Apricot Crush

Pantone has chosen Pantone #F87C56, Apricot Crush, as the colour of the year for 2024. This gentle orange has many great pallets and fits into bright, light colour schemes.

We will go over some Sunbrella fabrics that incorporate or coordinate with the new colour of the year to help you get designing!

Solid Fabrics

Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan

The best match for a solid orange is Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan. While it is slightly more yellow in tone than #F87C56, it has a similar vibrancy and depth of colour.

Sunbrella Canvas Cyan

If you’re looking to complement a soft orange, Canvas Cyan is a great choice. It’s similar to #56D1F8, which is the complement to Apricot Crush.

Sunbrella Canvas Sunflower Yellow

For colours in the same warm scheme, there’s Canvas Sunflower Yellow. While a bit more vibrant than the analogous #F8CD56, it works well with the Sunbrella equivalents, bringing a vibrancy and light to the pallet.

Sunbrella Bliss Lemon

Another excellent option for a yellow is Bliss Yellow, which is a bit more muted than Canvas Sunflower Yellow.


For a mixture of colours, you can’t go wrong with a stripe. Sunbrella has some excellent stripes on offer that fit with the vibe of Apricot Crush.

Sunbrella Dolce Mango

First up is Dolce Mango, which offers a mixture of white, orange, yellow, and soft pink.

Sunbrella Surround Sunrise

For those looking to incorporate contrast, Surround Sunrise offers some more muted blues, yellows, and greys that pair nicely with orange.

Sunbrella Token Surfside

For a strong, statement-making complement, a stripe like Token Surfside is sure to be a good choice. The thin stripes of orange ground the thick blue stripes to the colour pallet, ensuring a cohesive look.


For small accent pieces or bold central cushions, a pattern is an excellent way to add some excitement to your design.

Sunbrella Eberly Clay

To add a pop of the colour of the year to a room, Eberly Clay is an excellent choice. Grounded on a white background, the orange design is light, playful, and modern.

Sunbrella Exquisite Guava

Similar to Eberly Clay is the floral Exquisite Guava, which adds a touch more orange with its delicate design. While a traditional motif, the florals of Exquisite Guava are fresh and new.

Sunbrella Infused Gem

For a light fabric that incorporates some other colours with the colour of the year, you can’t go wrong with Infused Gem. Orderly yet hypnotic, Infused Gem is great for an accent piece.

Sunbrella Labyrinth Fiesta

Reminiscent of art deco patterns, Labyrinth Fiesta incorporates complementary and analogous colours to the colour of the year in a curious and playful design.


If you have a crush on Apricot Crush, there are some great options from Sunbrella to bring the colour into your home.

Not seeing something you like? Sunbrella is constantly releasing new fabrics, and there is sure to be something that catches your eyes.

If you see a fabric you like that we don’t have on our site, reach out to a sales representative! We’ll likely be able to source it for you.

Happy designing!