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Designer Guide to Buying Custom Cushions

Do you go with pre-made or custom? What company should you work with? This blog post aims to offer some clarity for designers looking to get cushions for their clients.
Sofa in Cast Charcoal with two strapped on arm rest cushions; 4" seats, 3" backs and arm rests; all foam-filled.Contact Northern Patio

Grey Fabrics: a Look at Popular Choices

Throughout the years, one colour remains popular: grey.
Seats in Canvas Sapphire Blue, 2inContact Northern Patio

Window Bench Cushion: Create Your Home Retreat

If you have a window bench in your home, you might be missing out on a comfortable and stylish addition to your living space.

Fabric Weaves: What’s Weft Got to Do With It?

Different weaves create different textures of fabric. Two fabrics that are made of the same yarn can have vastly different appearances and textures.
Sectional in Linen Silver, 4 inch thick seats and backsContact Northern Patio

Pet Friendly Custom Cushions

It can be tricky to have nice things when you have pets.
Milano Cobalt DS Set - PipedContact Northern Patio

Welting: A Guide

If you're in the market for new cushions or designing your own, you may have come across the term "welting" or "piping." What is it, and do you need it?

Quality Over Cost: Investing in New Cushions

When it comes to cushions, quality is key to a long-lasting and comfortable product.